Volunteer Opportunities


Rhizome Urban Gardens’ Sustainability Project


Rhizome Urban Gardens is interviewing volunteers to be part of its Urban Sustainability Project. The Project’s goal is to provide sustainability education, resources, and hands-on practical skill sharing to better understand and participate in our urban ecosystem. The project will include:


  • Building an online resource to help people design drought-tolerant, native, and edible landscapes and gardens in the city

  • Hosting talks and skill shares

  • Promoting grey water and drip irrigation systems

  • Building community around sustainability

  • Participating in policy making

  • Designing a student internship program

  • Teaching practical applications of permaculture principles in urban areas


Rhizome Urban Gardens is a small local business founded in 2012 that designs, installs and maintains organic, permaculture-based gardens and landscapes in San Francisco, with the goal of helping people to better connect with our natural ecosystems and with the food we eat. The Urban Sustainability Project is a not-for-profit project utilizing Rhizome’s experience, resources and networks to further sustainability beyond what can be done in a business setting.


If you’re interested in being part of it and can commit to at least four hours per month, please send us your name, phone number, email, what days and times you would be available to meet, any experience you have in this field, and why you are interesting in joining us. Our email is rugs@riseup.net.