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We Can...


• Reduce your water consumption while maintaining a beautiful garden or landscape

• Help you choose drought-tolerant and native plants

• Transform that patch of weeds into an organic, low-water vegetable garden

• Choose vegetables, herbs, flowers, and ornamental plants appropriate for your site

• Teach you one-on-one how to be a great gardener (see right)

​• Design edible landscaping

• Install or repair irrigation so you don't have to water

• Grow culinary herbs next to your kitchen

• Prune your fruit trees, roses, or vines

• Set up a home composting system so you can make your own soil

• Attract birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects to your garden

• Mulch to feed your garden, reduce weeds, and minimize water evaporation

• Maintain your existing garden so it flourishes 


With a permaculture-based, whole systems approach coupled with creativity and love of nature, Rhizome Urban Gardens designs landscapes that thrive in the Bay Area’s unique climates, terrains, and urban constraints. We’re committed to always being ecologically sound and sustainability-oriented.




One-on-One Teaching


Do you want to cultivate your own garden, but don’t know exactly how to go about it? Only have a few hours for a garden that needs a complete overhaul? Just want to expand your knowledge and skills?


We have the answer. We’ll meet with you on-site, and help you plan the optimal design to match your unique needs and space. Then we’ll do all the prep work you don’t have time or interest for, whether it’s digging beds, buying plants, hauling in soil, etc. When everything’s ready, we’ll meet one-on-one and plant the garden together, teaching you as we go.

You’ll learn which plants go together and why, how to minimize pest problems, when to harvest, and much more. You spend as much or as little time in the garden as you like, and we’ll make sure everything is finished and beautiful. You can care for it yourself, or have us come monthly or bi-monthly for maintenance or continued instruction.​


At Rhizome Urban Gardens, we believe everyone can have a green thumb!

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