Rhizome Urban Gardens is a local business that designs, installs, and maintains organic gardens and sustainable landscapes.

By specializing in both design and maintenance, we are able to work with gardens and landscapes over time, gaining nuanced insight into plants,  microclimates, and ecosystems, thus informing better design choices.

Our innovative designs create landscapes that are beautiful, ecologically sound, drought-tolerant, and inspiring.

While we have experience with a wide variety of horticulture and design, our specialties are low-water native plant designs, creative indoor landscapes, organic food gardens, and improving drought-tolerance. A drought does not mean we should let all our plants die; rather we can learn to use our water and land wisely to create beautiful urban spaces that are also sustainable.


We choose plants that will nourish our local ecosystem-- feeding hummingbirds, supporting beneficial insect populations, eliminating invasives, and avoiding plants that harbor pests. Through creating landscapes that are beautiful, ecologically sound, and feeding us or our native fauna, we reconnect with the food we eat and the ecosystems we’re all a part of.


Whether you have a backyard, a business space, a patio, a rooftop, or even a sidewalk, we can transform it into a oasis you’ll look forward to spending time in. Harvest ground cherries, borage flowers, and other delicacies you won’t find in the grocery store, watch butterflies and hummingbirds hover over your fragrant flowers, and know that you are doing your part to save water as you enjoy a garden that is supporting our city's natural ecosystems…

No plants were harmed in the making of this website.

Drought Tolerant Design