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Asha and Spira are fantastic...

 I believe my garden may have been one of their first and you can see it in the pictures. They LOVE what they do and bring so much joy and passion into their work that food grows exponentially and birds and butterflies can't stay away. You won't be sorry if they plant your garden and you'll learn so much about the health of this planet!

-Patricia S.

When we met with Asha...

 about planting a vegetable garden in our yard this winter, we warned her it was small, dark, rocky, a haven for gophers, and adjacent to the neighbor’s Eucalyptus tree. She was completely undeterred. We had already attempted to clear out the weeds on several occasions without success and finally decided to go with a professional.

Within three days over the course of one week, she cleared out weeds, put in raised beds and created a path with stones and woodchips we already had. Our spicy red lettuce shot up this spring and we have been eating salads from our garden for weeks.  Asha helped us problem-solve gopher and slug issues  ethically and chose some colorful flowers to make our garden With Asha’s work, we are finally putting our money where our mouth is and using our 3’x12’ patch of dirt in San Francisco to supplement our vegetable intake.

I hired Asha for a garden consultation for my roof garden...

She was incredibly knowledgeable and taught me A LOT about gardening. She's very patient and a very good teacher, and did a fantastic job guiding me through everything I need to know and do to raise a variety of plants from seed, as well as care for the plants I already have. I'd strongly recommend her to anyone who needs some gardening expertise!

-Rick B.

Asha and her team have done a wonderful job...

cleaning up our backyard and maintaining it with a lovely garden of fruits, vegetables and plants. Asha is honest, reliable and knowledgeable. She's helped me embrace my "green" thumb and I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

-Lillian B.

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