Rhizome Urban Gardens is hiring!

Job Opening - Experienced Garden Specialist

Rhizome Urban Gardens is a local business that designs, installs, and maintains organic, permaculture-based gardens, indoor green spaces, and landscapes in San Francisco. We are horticulturalists and plant nerds, excited to be leading the movement toward creating more sustainable landscaping in urban areas. We seek to help people better connect with our natural ecosystems and with the food we eat, while creating spaces that are beautiful and functional.

Rhizome Urban Gardens has a flexible, part-time position available for an experienced gardener. We are looking for someone with extensive knowledge of SF gardens and landscapes to work a few days a week on a flexible, part-time schedule. You would have a number of gardens that you work with regularly over time, so you would get to know them well, and there is space for creativity and long-term design contribution.

Ideal candidates possess:

  • Commitment to being a reliable and punctual member of a small team. Understanding the importance of taking care of the team.

  • Ability to perform physically strenuous work. Should be capable of lifting 50 lbs., able to bend, squat and climb ladders.

  • Knowledge of plants and a passion to always continue learning. Experience in proper planting and care for a variety of plants.

  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently with attention to detail.

  • Self-motivation and strong work ethic.

  • Excellent communication and customer relations skills.

  • Proper pruning and weeding technique.

  • Proficiency with the Evernote and Google Sheets mobile app, or willingness to learn.

  • Ability to have fun and be fun to work with. We’re looking for friendly and positive coworkers who will help maintain a positive work environment.

  • Availability to work occasional evenings and weekends is preferred (but not necessarily mandatory).

  • Have vehicle

  • Minimum one-year commitment

  • Covid-19 vaccination required


Work includes:

Planting, weeding, watering, pruning, digging and amending soil, adjusting irrigation, diagnosing diseased plants, assisting in design, jobsite management, clean-up, and record-keeping. Work can be strenuous and candidates should be prepared for digging and amending soil, heavy lifting, and hauling bags of soil and rocks.


Pay starts at $23/hour for the first 3 months of training, then increases to $25-$27 depending on performance and experience. We offer regular increases based on job performance, responsibilities, skills, and company profitability. Additional opportunities available for applicants with professional skills in carpentry, irrigation, stonework, and other relevant fields. A business management position may be available in the future for the right person.

To apply, send a resume and at least three professional references.
Please include a thoughtful cover letter outlining why you think this job would be a good fit for you. Email to rhizome.adm (at) gmail dot com.